Friday, November 30, 2012

A Thing I Should Do


And update more.  And I should probably get on yoga, vegetarian eating, and saving the whales.

But seriously, interviews.

It all starts with the desire for knowledge.  That's really what everything I'm doing right now boils down to.  I don't know how to fence competently with the weapons I'm interested in, and if I don't know how to fence competently with my chosen weapons, I certainly can't teach them.  To that end, I study under Devon and his most advanced students so that I can expand my knowledge and improve my skills, and learn how to pass the skills and knowledge on.

And because I have a bad habit regarding horses, carts, and their order of acquisition, I can't help but wonder about all of that other stuff that rests well outside of what I need to know and be working on in the immediate future.  And who better to tell me about it than the people who are, quite literally, teaching me everything I need to know to pursue my dream?

But I can't just go right for the big fish!  Oh no.  The last interview I did was back in the 11th grade for history class, I interviewed my parents and a set of grandparents in search of their life stories.   It was intense, it took a long time, and my father threatened me with a beating if I didn't omit a piece about how one of his great joys was psychoanalyzing his wife without her knowledge*.

So.  The plan is simple.  I sample people within the community that I fence with regularly, admire, respect, or work with, and ask for their stories and thoughts on the WMA community, the art, and their place within it as practitioners, or teachers and keepers as the case may be.

More is coming.  Keep an eye out.

*the piece was not omitted; the beating was worth it