Monday, June 4, 2012

Training Journal - Day 20 - pt. 2

June 1st, 2012

Why are you posting twice in a day?  That is a silly thing to do, and you should feel silly.  PISS ON THAT, THERE'S A DEMO TEAM PRACTICE!

Warm Up- Similar to the mastery warm up, except tossing the medicine ball around also involves moving around through the room, and some more awareness and agility focus.
Solo Drills-  N/A
Partner Drills- Basic rapier choreography up to 3 plays with Radge and Kat.
Slow Work- Expanding the choreography into a combative looking set
Full Speed- N/A  A full speed version of this choreography will be expanded and developed over the coming weeks.
What Worked- I can play the agente reasonably well in any given drill.  I felt solid in my findings, and control.
What Needs Improvement- As passiente, I need to receive my hits better, and establish the speed of the plays.  Too often the plays were speeding up, and leading to messy disengages.
Follow-up for Next Time- Practice practice practice.  Also involve a camera.  In fact, do that last bit for as much training as possible.
Other Notes- As usual, I had to leave early for work.  The affair saddened me more than slightly.

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