Monday, June 4, 2012

Training Journal- Day 20

June 1, 2012

Right, the training is moving to another stage, so I think the blog should reflect that.  I'm fairly comfortable with the information section so I'm going to preface my posts.  I love having a preamble.  Here we go.

So I rolled into class a little bummed because the assessment is tomorrow, and I wasn't signed off on all of my points yet.  Apparently I was mistaken.  Clint stopped me as I was walking in and told me that I was testing at the end of class.  And that he expected me to pass.   Oh goody.  Class was useful, if uneventful, though the assessment yielded a few surprises.  Read on, and as always thanks for reading.

Warm Up- Standard Mastery Warm up.  10 minutes of dynamic stretching, medicine ball tossing.
Solo Drills- Lunges and guards with the off hand, with a focus on properly aligning my body.
Partner Drills- Control drills; variants on tessitura (still not sure if I'm spelling that right)
Slow Work- N/A
Full Speed- N/A
What Worked- Alignment, and mental state for off hand worked nicely.  The tip Adam gave me about engaging the side of the sword that I can see helped immensely.
What Needs Improvement- In addition to the standard required areas of improvement, my mental state in general when assessing needs work.  I had to stop and re-focus several times.  I need to find a way to maintain my focus in the face of difficult tasks.
Follow-up for Next Time- Sports psychology, and possibly meditation.
Other Notes- Passed the off-hand assessment, and cleared to test on Saturday.  Excellent.

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