Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Errantry

Why have you been missing Aaron?  The 67 people who have viewed this blog MUST HEAR OF YOUR ADVENTURES.

Funny about that, there's been non blog related things over the last couple weeks.  Well, non related in content, but related at a resource level: I ran out of money.  Not "I couldn't afford double meat steak sandwiches blended into my golden protein shakes" or "I had to cut the beer out of the budget" (which I had to) I'm talking about "I couldn't even afford bus fare." poor.  You know what I'm on?  The quest for work isn't so much for money in and of itself, as it is for the money to chase the dream.

Anyways, I'll puzzle out some manner of work, or a clever way to make dollars.  Thanks for reading, all 67 of you.

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