Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Training Journal - Day 4

March 20, 2012
Warm Up- N/A
Solo Drills- Sidesword cutting (0.75 hr) Thanks to Kat and Tay-Tay
Partner Drills- N/A
Slow Work- Sidesword slow work with Kat (.25 hr).  It was highly ham fisted, and bits of Lichtenauer and I.33 kept creeping in.
Full Speed- With Raj in preparation for his assessment, also with Kat and FancyPants when Raj was unavailable (0.33 hr)
What Worked- Footwork was decent, and my arm didn't want to quit immediately this time.
What Needs Improvement- Need to get a better grasp of when to capitalize and attack my opponent.  There were points where I had control and hesitated, and other when I had no advantage and tried to attack anyway.  Fast footwork, and an equally (un)skilled opponent occasionally kept me from being hit.
Follow-up for Next Time- Work tessatura (did I spell that right?) drills as a warm up; furthermore, actually warm up.
Other Notes- Double hard this week as I prepare for a demo with the performance team, and make up for not getting any sword time in during the last week.

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