Monday, April 23, 2012

Bonus Archery Sundays

Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into now?  It all started reasonably and innocently.  An archery lesson for $2 and a can of non perishable food for a charity event.  I took the event with a bunch of friends and had a really good time.  Apparently I made an impression on the archery instructor, because a couple weeks later I was playing model for the textbook and being bent into unpleasant shapes.  And that too must have went well, because shortly after that, I was laying in bed when my phone went off.

"WAFFLES!  I'm teaching a class of children and all of my apprentices are MIA!  Can you come in and help?"
"Buh?  Huh??  Wha???  I... hardly know anything about archery."
"You don't need to know anything.  You just have to keep the children in line."
"... when do you need me in?"
I groaned audibly.
"Gimme an hour."

Soon I was at Duello trying to herd children, force them to stay in good stance and form, and make sure they didn't injure themselves or act in a perilous manner.  And I did it without administering pushups.

Shortly after I was offered an apprenticeship.

Shoot arrows, log hours, teach and refine, ?????, profit.

Anyways, training logs to follow.

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