Friday, April 27, 2012

Training Journal- Day 10

April 26, 2012
Warm Up- Fun with the 6kg medicine ball! 5 minutes: wall tosses, 5 minutes: pushups w/ ball, 5 min situps and twist sit ups w/ ball
Solo Drills- measure drills (10 lunges from each measure with each hand.  80 lunges total)
Partner Drills- Collar and elbow key exercises, cutting defense drills (defense in mezza tempo, and dui tempi)
Slow Work- N/A
Full Speed- N/A
What Worked- Arm didn't quit on me.  Strength is improving.
What Needs Improvement- body mechanics during lunges.  need to focus on order more in future drills (shoulders first shoulders first shoulders first shoulders first shoulders first) my passing steps need to go in a straight line instead of in an arc.
Follow-up for Next Time- footwork drills and slow lunges in front of a mirror
Other Notes- passed the theory portion of the measure and control assessment.  Combat test next week.  Tablet comes back today, will be asking Devon if I can make a ghetto e-book from the Fabris translation.

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