Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quiet Times

Breakfast television is coming in to Duello in a few short hours, and I can't sleep.  I'm here in the salle typing away and whiling away my time until the film crew shows up at 5:30.

The archery range is set up.  There are people in the next room asleep and awaiting the show.  It's a demo like any other.  I won't be swinging my sword about today.  There's shooting to be done.

It's a curious thing to be here when there's nothing happening.  The place is silent.  It's a good night to appreciate what's available.  I've taken time to handle my weapons, string the bows, and practice a few other things that interest me.  I've taken time to feel the floor; where it's smooth and where it's rough.  Time to smell the faint odor of sweat, leather, oil, and dust.  Time to see where the stone in the walls is losing some mortar.  To examine the archery butts, complain about the bows not being put away properly, and have a pleasant evening with one of the archery apprentices.

There's magic and power in this place.  It pleases me to be a part of it, and is a good reminder of that (im?)possible dream.

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