Saturday, April 28, 2012

Training Journal- Day 11

April 27, 2012
Warm Up- N/A
Solo Drills-N/A
Partner Drills-N/A
Slow Work-N/A
Full Speed- 30 minutes with various partners (Anton, Kieran, and Kat)
What Worked- stringere from out of measure worked rather well; there was good use of disengages, counter disengages, and Volta stabile of the blade to gain and maintain control of the sword in each measure; successfully played with the off hand in a few plays
What Needs Improvement- body alignment, footwork, and posture need to be focused on in full speed. As always, further drilling is required.
Follow-up for Next Time- posture drills against a wall, footwork drills (specifically watch the passing step- straight steps, not arced steps) and lunges in front of a mirror. Lunges in each measure against a pell are well advised.
Other Notes- good combat at fight night.  Read more into the sports psychology that Jaimie was showing.

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